Promotion of Turkey and the country’s export power, as well as promotion of Turkish culture during concurrent events, are targeted for our pavilion at the Expo, on a stand area of 348 m2, to be held between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022, in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Expo Dubai 2020


Carrying the traces of civilizations she hosted on the Anatolian lands throughout history and acting as a bridge between times by maintaining their unique values, we, as Turkey, are at Expo 2020 Dubai with the motto of “Creating the Future from the Cradle of Civilizations”, with a view to generate a solution to today’s problem, the issue of “a sustainable world”!


The outlines of our pavilion design consist of details reflecting the deep-rooted and rich history of Turkey and digital integrations reflecting the idea that the country is the pioneer and representative of every era.


Our design with an experimental architecture that embraces a modern, inviting, eco-friendly and technological structure has gained an original nature upon being unified into traces and ornaments specific to Turkey, like the Seljuk Star pattern.

Architecture & Design

At EXPO DUBAI 2020, everything from the corporate identity works to the theme and concept of exhibition stands, from the use of colors to the participants’ experiences and exhibition units was fed by diversity and created on the basis of Turkey’s perfection in its integrity.


Turkish Pavilion consists of 4 main sections designed for greeting, experiencing, hosting and seeing off guests, intended to use a total area of 348 m2 in the most effective way possible.  These sections, where Turkish culture and history are promoted, publicize not only the prestige power brought along by the geopolitical position of Turkey, who has an unprecedented infrastructural power in economic and cultural terms due to its years-long development, but also the investment and export opportunities that offer significant economic returns.

An educational playground for children, which bears importance for raising environmental awareness of our children – as they are our future – and which is based on sustainability, is also present, while the theme-oriented exhibitions and events that reinforce the theme of “We are rising to the future for a sustainable world” are held.



In Anatolia, the homeland of numerous civilizations throughout history, we still display the unique values of all civilizations and create the future from the zero point of civilization. Thanks to our strategic economy that has a wide network access in terms of both industrial production and foreign trade links, we are building the future from the point where history started.


We are rising to the future for a sustainable future, feeling highly responsible for shaping not only the future of Turkey, but also the future of the world.

We are looking forward to hosting our guests with our world-famous Turkish hospitality, at our pavilion featuring a modern, inviting, environment-friendly and technological structure.


The plan of Göbekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill), recognized as the origin of civilizations and the oldest settlement in the history of mankind represent the outlines of our EXPO 2020 logo, which emphasizes that Turkey is located at the origin of history of mankind and the future will also be created at this point.

The digital world visual at the center of the plan symbolizes how Turkey, the pioneer of culture, tourism and trade in every era, will also pioneer the future, with the rich resources owned by the country.

Our logo has taken its final form after Turkish brand logo and our main slogan are placed.


Promotion of Turkey and the country’s export power, as well as promotion of Turkish culture during concurrent events, are targeted for our pavilion at the Expo, on a stand area of 348 m2, to be held between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022, in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The main objectives intended to be achieved at our areas where beauties and exported goods of Turkey, who possesses technology, comfort, aesthetics, nature, unprecedented history and cultural richness, are shared with the entire world are: Promoting Turkey both industrially and culturally, in the best way possible; telling the world about Turkey’s export and investment potential in the most effective manner; and creating the most productive environment for promoting the Turkish export sector and establishing collaborations.

Closely introducing the richness of Turkey with our guests, by using digital and interactive applications, as well as clarifying, audiovisually, Turkey’s transition to the digital world, perspective for the future and sustainability goals, are targeted at all our spots.

Logistics Infrastructure

Service Investments and Sophistication

Financial Centers

Transportation Infrastructure

Investments and Development in the Construction Sector

World Standard in Technological Infrastructure



Cultural Infrastructure and Diversity

Natural Areas

Bosphorus and Seas


Waste Management

By choosing natural products that will not leave waste when used, or products that will produce less waste, we contribute to our ecological environment.


By choosing products that use recycled paper and glass, we can support the increase in recycling and the sustainability trend.

Resource Management

We should keep resources such as water and electricity turned off when we are not using them. We can contribute to sustainability by turning off the water while brushing our teeth and turning off the lights in the rooms when we are not using them.

Sustainable Product

Products that are bought cheaply and used for a short time are an example of negativity in terms of sustainability. We contribute to sustainability by choosing quality and environmentally friendly products and using them for many years.

Sustainability is to provide a permanent and more livable environment to humanity while ensuring the continuity of production and production tools in general.

Although the environmental aspect comes to mind first when the term sustainability is heard, in fact, this concept expresses a holistic perspective that combines ecological, social conditions and economic components.

In order for living things to survive, they need to be able to reproduce, feed, shelter and environmental factors suitable for their own structure must come together.

Keeping the environmental elements together, making them permanent and transferring them to future generations is called ecological sustainability.

Social sustainability, adequate and fair social services such as health and education, gender
It is an approach that encompasses the elimination of discrimination, equal opportunity, social justice and political accountability.

Social sustainability, as an approach that cares about people, cares about personal and social welfare.

In its most general definition, while meeting human needs fairly, the efficient use of natural resources by present and future generations is called social sustainability.

Economic sustainability refers to practices that support long-term economic growth without adversely affecting the social, environmental and cultural aspects of society.